Becoming Beyonce's Assistant: The Ultimate Twitter Thread Game

It's a magical moment when a new "format" is created on Twitter. It often happens when a user hacks Twitter's features to create something new - and probably funny. That's exactly what Green Chyna (aka @CornyAssBitch) did. She created a "choose your own adventure" game via Twitter thread, asking people a series of questions to ultimately prove if they were well suited to be Beyonce's assistant. The thread picked up steam as people played the game and shared their fate, attracting Twitter mega-user, Chrissy Teigen, and other major accounts. The thread has over 250K likes and nearly 100K retweets, prompting Green Chyna to create other spin-off gamified Twitter threads like "Being Cardi B’s body guard: DONT GET HER ATTACKED." See if you can make it.