the gist

Hey! I'm Rachel and I am a Creative Strategist. 

"Brand strategist-copywriter-social content producer-pitch deck designer-pop culturalist" seemed like a mouthful. As a Creative Strategist, I connect the dots between creativity and business strategy. I pull together all of the pieces - design, creative, copy, strategy, and potential partners - to help your brand and its content effectively work in tandem. 


Who I've Worked With

I’ve worked with a variety of brands, agencies, and digital studios that wanted to rebrand, grow their audience, refresh their look and voice, increase sales, and launch new products.

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Completely Unsolicited Testimonials

Rachel’s ability to take complex execution strategies and translate them into dynamic, easy-to-understand visual language is up there with some of the best I’ve ever seen. Frankly, I don’t know where our business would be without her.
— Eamon Brennan, Creative Director, Collab
We engage Rachel on a wide mix of marketing/creative projects from time to time, and without fail, she runs with it like a champ. She just “gets it” when it comes to understanding social, digital and marketing objectives. We never need to stop and explain, she just understands and runs.
— Shaz Sedighzadeh, The Supply, Owner & Digital Sourcer
Rachel is dope.
— Jacob Agajanian, Race Service, President/Founder
Rachel knows the groundbreakers everywhere in digital! When I was looking to take the next step in my career, Rachel connected me to multiple opportunities including my current full time job. She always keeps an eye out for others and follows through with bringing people together.
— Melanie Witkower, BLT communications, Manager of social
Rachel has that rare combination of smarts, presentation and empathetic insight. I was telling her how to synthesize her pitch into a storyline with emotion, to attract investors, stakeholders and others. Within minutes, she was in front of a group and completely revamped the opening to her pitch, incorporating all the elements in a dramatic, understandable story, that won the day. It was amazing. Seriously.
— sean branagan, Communigration, President/Founder


THIs is me