The Gist


I’m probably

"your first"...

when it comes to meeting someone from Delaware. I'm happy to oblige. I hail from the First State and studied Television, Radio and Film at Syracuse University.

I opted for digital platforms over Hollywood lots when I moved to Los Angeles after graduation. I worked in the social strategy and branded digital content world for a few years before switching over to the traditional advertising side. Why not do your career backwards, right? Wrong. I quickly realized that a linear path in the traditional advertising world wasn’t for me.

So I quit. *massive gulp*

I ramped up creative side hustles to build HeyFreeSamples, a creative brand consultancy, where I focus on crafting copy, ideas, digital-forward strategies and designs. I work with companies that want to humanize their brand.


I’m a big picture gal.

I've learned that I work best when I can see any project from a 30,000-foot view - from there, I can dive in to find/produce/connect the creative pieces.

When I'm not working, I am probably "picking someone's brain” or trying to find my seat at the Hollywood Bowl.


My Ongoing Life To-Do's

• Never stop learning • Support college students/soon-to-be-graduates as they navigate their career paths • Thank the Pixar team for all that they’ve done and continue to do every day • Drink more water