In case you missed it, there’s been a recent protest by fast food workers to earn $15/hr, a little less than double the minimum wage. I’ve compiled a snapshot of people who receive less than $15/hr, yet don’t protest. 


Babysitters. Sure, some babysitters are making good money depending on the number of kids they’re watching and the proximity of the household to Connecticut. But most of the time, you’re a 13 year old who just got your braces off and you’re watching three kids under the age of 8 as they watch their individual iPads. The only time they stop and look up is to tell you that they are going to throw up on the youngest sibling and you’re like, “Nah, you won’t” (in a reassuring way) until they actually do it and you have to clean it up.

Price per hour: $12.


Caterers. You’re serving food, teaching yourself how to pour champagne (immediately after messing up that first glass), and wearing all black. You might have an inconsistent work schedule but thank GOD you took away Bon Jovi’s dirty plates.

Price per hour: $13. 

anigif_enhanced-buzz-19723-1372370283-4_previewHollywood Assistants. It’s always your fault. You are yelled at regularly, for fun, and you are expected to not have any human qualities, including but not limited to, “forgiveness,” “patience,” and “apathy.” Keep those fingers crossed and put your head down because you may be a big player someday.

Price per hour: $11. 


Dog walkers. You may also double as a Hollywood Assistant, but if you’re not, you have an inconsistent schedule that revolves around the poop schedules of 14 dogs.

Price per hour: $10. 

degree-250x250Entry-level college graduates. In case you looked up from Snapchat to read this, I’m just going to  break this to you now. 

Price per hour: $13.65.